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Garage Door Repair in Visalia: Why Won’t the Garage Door Open?

Garage door repair in Visalia is the same as it is anywhere else. From one home to the next, you’ll find the same problems. Over time, mechanical components deteriorate. That’s unavoidable. However, proper maintenance can prolong their lifespan. Still, if the door isn’t opening, it’s a little too late for preventative maintenance. That said, it would probably help if you knew why.

What Are the Most Common Causes of a Stuck Garage Door in Need of Garage Door Repair in Visalia?

To determine why the garage isn’t opening, you’ll have to inspect a series of components. We’ll start with a few of the most common. Then, as we move along, we will examine a few of the more extravagant cases. Usually, among these examples, you’ll find your solution. As long as you faithfully follow those instructions, your garage should be opening up again in no time.

Sometimes, Sensors Are Blocked by Debris

So, are you aware of the way garage doors function? Well, if not, it’s time for you to learn. First, modern doors communicate using sensors. If these don’t have clear communications, the garage will not operate. Thus, until you clean the sensors, they will be out of commission. For the most part, a quick spritz with a cleaning spray is sufficient. On some occasions, they may not be aligned appropriately. In those instances, you should adjust them until a clear path is established. That way, they won’t prevent the door from opening anymore.

When Your Door Isn’t Receiving Power, It Won’t Work

Of course, it might seem as if it is rather obvious. However, you’d be surprised by how many garages we encounter without a functioning power source. Often, it’s easy to forget such a device isn’t operated by batteries. So, let’s say there was a lightning storm. Then, a few of the breakers got switched. As a result, you reset some of them. Nevertheless, while you were at it, you did not remember to flick the one operating the garage. Consequently, the door isn’t receiving power. Until you reestablish it, it’ll stay stuck on the ground. Fortunately, for the most part, simply flicking the breaker should be enough. However, if something more intricate is necessary, we would recommend calling a technician. Since it involves electricity, it could be dangerous to do with yourself. Thus, for your own safety, it’s best left in the hands of professionals.

After Many Uses, Torsion Springs May Require Garage Door Repair in Visalia

Each time the door opens, an arm connects the torsion springs to the tracks. Although the arm doesn’t wear out, the same cannot be said of the torsion springs. After you use them enough, they don’t work in the same way. Instead, they start to lose their elasticity. Consequently, your garage might not lift as smoothly. If those springs deteriorate enough, they will fail entirely. At that point, the springs will snap. Afterward, nothing connects the arm to the door. So, even if you operate the motor, the arm doesn’t pull the door up while in motion.

Check to See If the Cables Are Intact

Beyond that, to deliver power from the motor, cables connect it to the arm. Occasionally, those cables don’t last for the lifetime of the garage. If those fail, then your motor can’t deliver power to the lifting arm. Thus, you can press the open button as much as you would like. Regardless, nothing’s going to happen until you replace those cables.

Something Is Blocking the Signal to Your Opener

Okay, let’s say that upon closer inspection, you discover nothing wrong with your garage. At least, the mechanics seemed to be in working order. Still, nothing you do can get that door to open. If those are your circumstances, then you might consider investigating your garage door opener. Often, if the garage is mechanically sound, those devices are the problem maker. If you cannot create a clear connection to the garage motor, the opener can’t tell it to open. Try moving a little bit closer. While you inch forward, continue pressing the button. Once a clear connection establishes, it should operate as normal.

Your Remote Opener Is Out of Battery

Now, even if there is a clear connection, a remote opener still needs a battery. After enough time passes, those batteries run out of juice. If you try to use the remote opener at that point, nothing will happen. Luckily, for those devices, replacing the battery is relatively straightforward. Plus, on top of that, it’s among the most affordable repairs you can do.

The Disconnect Cable Has Been Pulled But Not Reset

At the end of the lifting arm, there should be a string dangling. If you pull on that string, you can manually operate the garage door. However, once you are finished, you must reconnect the arm to the cable. Otherwise, if you try to open the garage door remotely, nothing can pull it onto the track. To solve this problem, pull on the string again and this time, ensure the arm reconnects to the tracks. That way, when you try to open the garage, it will lift up this time.