garage door repair


While garage doors may seem easy to repair in theory, certain components can be very tricky to deal with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Bakersfield homeowners should almost always avoid fixing the following garage door problems on their own.

Garage Door Repairs That You Shouldn’t Attempt on Your Own

When installed properly, garage doors should function in a trouble-free manner for years without much maintenance. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that garage doors are a lot more complicated than they seem at first glance. When big problems crop up, it takes more than a ratchet set to fix them. Here are two garage door repairs you shouldn’t undertake alone.

Bent or Dented Tracks

In order for a garage door to open and close properly, the tracks must be straight, true and free of debris. If a track has the slightest deformity, bad things can happen pretty quickly. Taking a sledgehammer to the kink or bend in question and hoping for the best is a bad idea. Experienced garage door specialists are needed to correct the problem and return the door to like-new condition.

Busted and Worn-Out Torsion Springs

Even the cheapest garage doors feature at least two high-tension springs to ensure a smooth action. If one of them is out of alignment or shows excessive signs of wear, the door won’t glide properly. If a spring breaks, the door won’t work at all. Replacing one of those springs is a hazardous job if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can easily lose an eye or worse if you attempt the project without the right background knowledge.

What to Do When a Major Fix Is Required

For the most part, homeowners can keep their garage doors in proper shape with a little graphite or Teflon dry lube and a screwdriver. When big problems such as those described above rear their ugly heads, quality Bakersfield garage door repair specialists need to be called in. Trying to fix such problems by yourself will only cost you in the long run.