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How to Fix an Unresponsive Garage Door in Visalia

Although most garage door Visalia service companies take the time to properly install a garage door, the fact is that normal wear and tear is going to happen. The best way to avoid going through a hair-pulling experience is to understand what exactly may be wrong with the door and how you should go about fixing it. It must be noted that although not all issues are going to be easily fixable, the vast majority of them will be. The following includes a few of the ways to fix an unresponsive garage door.

Sensors and What a Garage Door Visalia Company Recommends

When you have a garage door Visalia service company install your new door, they are also likely to install the electrical components of the door opener. One of those includes the eye sensor. This sensor connects with your remote, which then sends the signal to the door opener above to begin lifting or closing the door. Sometimes, however, this sensor may not be working correctly, and thus your door may not lift. However, before you call in a Visalia garage door repair company, here are a few things you can attempt on your own. First, locate your eye sensor within your garage. This sensor is either on the bottom right or left corner of your door. In many cases, the thing causing your sensor to fail is dirt and grime covering it. Take a soft cloth and begin to wipe it down. This should be done every few weeks to prevent more dirt and grime from building upon it.

Broken or Damaged Tension Springs

The tension springs are one of the most important components of the door. They are located on the sides or on top of your garage door. As the name suggests, the tension springs provide tension that is then used by your door opener to safely bring your door up and down. When these tension springs fail, they can lead to an unresponsive door. In this case, you can quickly check if the tension springs are broken or damaged in some way, but you should never touch them nor attempt to fix them as they are extremely dangerous to handle. Instead, contact a Bakersfield garage door repairs company as soon as possible as only they have the proper tools and expertise to repair that particular issue.

Garage Door Opener Issue

In some cases, it is your garage door opener that is the cause of the unresponsive door. The opener, aka motor, is located right above the garage. It must be said that you must first unplug it from its electric source before fiddling with it as you can seriously injure yourself. Next, open the motor cover and use a flashlight to look into it. You are looking for two things. The first thing includes looking for any frayed wires that may need replacing, and the next is the state of the antenna wire. Oftentimes, when the antenna wire is not hooked up properly, it can make your remote signal very weak, and thus your door becomes unresponsive. Although this is not a way to repair it, you can take the time to ensure that nothing is wrong with it and remove it from your troubleshooting list.

Lock Feature Has Been Enabled

In some garage doors, you will have what is called a lock feature. This is inserted into a number of garage door models as a safety feature and is often used by families when they leave for vacation. However, this feature can sometimes be accidentally pressed, and you, the homeowner, would have no idea that it happened. Understandably, this can lead to a very frustrating situation where nothing seems to be wrong, but your door remains unresponsive. Fortunately, the solution to this is very easy to do. All you have to do is take your remote and look for the unlock button, and that is it. Your door should become responsive after that is done.

Your Garage Door Remote

Lastly, the issue regarding your unresponsive door may have nothing to do with the door itself but rather the remote you hold in your hand. Older garage door openers will often require a remote control that requires batteries. If that is the case, this is the first thing you should look at. If that does not work, it may be the remote itself, and calling the manufacturer for a replacement is your best bet. Lastly, you may be able to avoid this issue in the future by switching to a smart garage door opener that utilizes your phone as the garage door opener itself. This means you never have to find a replacement or change out its batteries. In addition, you will have peace of mind when it comes to making sure you closed your garage door on the way out.