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Tips for Building Hillside Garages

The fact is that building a garage into the side of a hill is not recommended at all. It’s not only a complex project to take on but very expensive. This is especially true if you have a lot of soil to remove from the side of the hill. However, this may be the only option for homeowners and thus considered necessary. The following includes a list of tips for constructing hillside garages.

Hillside Garages and Their Foundations

One of the most common ways to build a hillside garage is to build it into the hill. This option is usually the best route for homeowners to take as it provides the structure with a firm foundation to work with. It should be noted that this would also require a lot of excavation work.

Pay Attention to the Back Wall

If the option above is the one you’re going to choose, then it is also important to pay special consideration to the back wall’s strength. This is because the back wall will have to hold back tons of soil from the rest of the hill. Other factors include weeds and roots from nearby trees that may push into the wall causing structural damage. Always construct the back wall with durable and moisture-resistant material such as cinder blocks.

Building into the Side of the Hill

In some cases, the best route to take is to build the garage into the side of the hill. Although all the tips from the information above still apply, there is one thing you need to think about. The driveway must be constructed from scratch in order to accommodate the garage door. Having a garage door repair Visalia company come in and provide you with the right measurements will also allow you to understand how steep your driveway should be.


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