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What Is Automatic Reversing?

Automatic reversing is the feature of a garage door that senses if something is in the way and automatically stops and reopens. It is an important safety system not only for children and pets but also if you have elderly people living in your home. There are two main types of automatic reversing mechanisms, including infrared sensors and opener motor.

The Opener Motor Reversing System

This feature senses resistance when it is closing and reverses if the resistance reaches a certain level. It should be set to sense a minimum amount of resistance. If it needs an excessive amount of resistance, it is considered out-of-order.

Older garage doors may not have automatic reversing mechanisms. After 1982, the automatic reverse is required on all garage doors sold in the U.S. Some older doors may have a feature that makes the door stop if it feels resistance, but not reverse. You can have your door tested when you call for professional garage installation in Bakersfield.

Infrared Sensors

Infrared sensors are mounted about four to six inches above the garage floor on each side of the door frame. They beam an infrared light that stops the door from activating or reverses it if it is already opening when the light is blocked. The low beam is intended to sense small pets.

If the infrared light doesn’t seem to be working, first make sure it is plugged into an electrical outlet and that the outlet is active.

Whatever type of reverse mechanism your garage door has, you should regularly check that it is functioning properly. It may only require a simple fix or you may need to have the door or motor replace. It’s not recommended to rely on DIY for such an important safety feature. A professional can check it and fix any problem in just a few minutes.