You trust your garage door to be down when you close it in order to protect your vehicles and other processions inside your garage. Yet, some garage doors mysteriously open and close themselves. While this has led to more than one argument in a family as one family member blames another for forgetting to close the garage door, the truth is that garage doors sometimes open and close on their own. If you discover that your door is doing this, then you need to find out why before thieves make off with your stuff.

Check the Batteries

While garage door remote batteries last for a long time, they eventually do well out. Therefore, before you call a professional try replacing the batteries in the remote. Most remote take common batteries that are easily obtainable at your local hardware or big-box store.

Sticking Buttons

The remote that you trust to open your garage door may have had something sticky spilled on it causing the buttons to stick. More often, however, when sticky buttons are the problem, it is the buttons on the control inside the garage that is at fault as usually there is a short in the wiring to the remote button on the box. Remember that the box is connected to electricity, so play it safe.

Circuit Board Problems

Garage door circuit boards within the opener may be at fault when your garage door opens and closes by itself. Fixing circuit board problems is a complex manner depending on what is wrong because you must remove the opener from the garage ceiling just to get to the circuit board. Then, depending on what has gone wrong, you may need to completely replace the board or it may be able to be repaired.

Power Surge

Garage door openers work on a specific code. While it may be possible that your garage door is opening and shutting because you and your neighbor have the same code, it is more likely that power surges have destroyed the code in your opener. Therefore, you may need to have the code reset.

If your garage door is opening and closing by itself, then you need to contact a Bakersfield garage door repair expert with lots of experience. They can quickly spot the problem and help you resolve it protecting the things in your garage.