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Garage Improvements to Help Seniors

When people purchase their forever home, they usually aren’t thinking about how they will navigate it when they become older. However, this need for certain modifications quickly becomes apparent as homeowners become older. One of the most important areas to add modifications to is the home garage. The following includes a few garage improvements that you can start working on to help the seniors in your life.

Storage Garage Improvements

One of the most important things that seniors need is enough room to walk through. Unfortunately, it is the presence of too much garage clutter that tends to lead to seniors tripping and falling. Thu garage improvements involving storage is a must. Cubbies and reachable shelves are just some of the best ways to remove clutter and make the space safer for seniors.

Automatic Garage Door

Fortunately, innovations in technology have provided homeowners with a plethora of conveniences. One of those innovations includes the automatic garage door. With the press of a button, a senior citizen can lift and bring down their garage door with ease. If they already have an automatic door, then it is important to bring in a garage door repair Visalia company to ensure that it’s in proper working order.


Most home garages tend not to have the greatest lighting. Often a garage will only have one or two lightbulbs within it. This, of course, is not enough for a senior citizen who may not have the greatest eyesight and thus needs additional light to navigate around their car and into their home. By adding LED lights to the garage, you are providing seniors with bright and long-lasting lights. In addition, LED lights do not produce so much heat that it makes the space uncomfortable.

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