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Over time, garage doors will begin to show their age. This is the time when you can add a few more years to them by performing a simple paint job.

Can You Paint Your Garage Door?

The garage door is built to withstand some of mother nature’s most abusive weather. However, in the end, mother nature always wins. One of the first things that go is the paint on your garage door. Therefore, the following includes information on just how to add paint to your garage by following these simple steps.

Prep to Paint Your Garage

The very first thing you should do is prep your garage door to be painted. This will allow you to work with a smooth blank canvas. If the door is damaged, you should first contact a garage door repair Visalia company to have everything functioning before you apply paint. Once that is done, you can begin to dust the surface off, scrape paint off and wipe it down with a wet cloth.

It’s Prime Time

Sure, it might not be the most exciting part of the process, but it is definitely necessary. Priming your garage door will allow the paint to not only shine but protect the garage door from harmful winds, rain and sunshine. Note that you should allow the primer to set for about 12 hours before applying a second coat or the main paint.

Tape the Trim and Components

Next, you will need to start taping off areas you don’t want the paint to fall on. This includes the trim of the door as well as various components. You should also make it a point to tape off and cover up your weatherstripping that runs under your garage door.

Avoid the Edges When You Paint Your Garage

One of the areas you are going to be tempted to paint are the edges of the garage door. However, many professionals advise against doing this as they are only visible when the door is lifting or closing itself. Although you can paint the area if you wish to, it will be time-consuming and may even lead to paint running down into parts of the door you weren’t planning on painting.