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An Intelligent Personal Assistant and Your Garage Door

If you’re considering a garage installation in Bakersfield, then some of the more exciting options available to you have to do with home automation. Virtual assistant integration in particular can transform how you use your doors as well as the data you get from them.

Automated Opening and Closing

An intelligent personal assistant can access your garage door opener to open or close your doors. This generally requires a camera or some other type of sensing equipment so that your IPA knows that there’s not a car, bicycle or whatever else in the way. This lets you not worry about whether your doors are opened or close because your assistant will have a schedule and ensure that it’s adhered to.

Remote Notifications and Access

An assistant can also send you alerts wherever you are via your smartphone. If it doesn’t have automatic closing, it can alert you that the doors are open and to initiate the command. Your assistant can also alert you that a technician has arrived and requires access to your garage.

Integration with Other Smart Features

An intelligent personal assistant can also bring various smart features together. Imagine a scenario in which a smart home goes into eco-mode. Your IPA relays that information to the opener. It can then adjust the lights as necessary, close the doors to conserve heat and so forth.

Maintenance and Repair Reports

Your virtual assistant can remind you when it’s time to perform your own inspection or schedule that seasonal inspection with a professional. It can also alert you to trouble signs that may indicate the need for repair. A garage door that closes more slowly than usually or is creating additional vibrations can indicate the need for lubrication, a misaligned track, a weakened cable and so forth.