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Ways to Revamp an Old Garage Door

Once garage doors begin to look outdated, they can affect the curb appeal of the home and will quickly become an eyesore on the block. If the product still operates well then it may not be time to replace the door with garage installation in Bakersfield. If you want to revamp the door, there are a few tips to follow to transform its appearance.

Add Color to an Old Garage Door

You can transform your garage door’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint that adds a touch of color to your home and complements the surrounding architecture and color scheme on the property. The job is not only inexpensive but is quick to do yourself, which can make it worth the time and energy. If you have a wood garage door, sand off paint that is cracking and fill in any cracks before applying the primer and paint. Metal doors will need to be sanded down if any rust is present.

Although neutral color shades have been used in past years, more people are choosing colors that pop. Opt for shades like deep blues, cranberry, and bronze.

Incorporate Architectural Detail

Added detail on the garage will allow it to look upscale and have more visual interest on the property. Consider creating the illusion of a carriage style door by adding classic hardware to the exterior. Faux windows can also look beautiful and can be painted on by taping off certain sections where the panels are present. You can do one, two, or four panels, depending on your preference and style.

Add a Faux Wood Style

You can make your garage door look like it has natural wood by creating a faux wood appearance with stains that are available. Begin by power washing the door before applying a dark glaze with a brush one section at a time before allowing it to dry. Complete the project with a coat of clear glaze to make it last for several years.