wood stain on wooden garage doors

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Beautify Your Garage Door With Color-Rich Wood Stain

Wooden garage doors offer your home a rugged beauty. Adding your choice of colorful wood stain to your home garage door adds an additional punch of personalized exterior style. Here are some tips for tackling the job from your experts in garage door repair in Visalia.

Create a Ready Canvas With a Thorough Garage Door Cleaning

Step one in most home improvement projects is to clear the slate and prepare the surface area. If you are working with an existing door, you want to make sure you remove any dust, scum and mildew that may have accumulated over time as the wood has been exposed to the elements. Choose a quality cleaning product that is formulated especially for wood to ensure a thorough garage door cleaning. Additionally, if your wooden garage door is new, you will also want to add a light sanding prior to the cleaning process to remove factory sheen that may impede the stain’s absorption. After cleaning, allow the wood to dry completely for a minimum of 24 hours before applying the stain.

Along With Wood Stain, Use a Wood Brightener on Certain Types of Doors

Woods such as redwoods and cedars are very popular choices for garage doors due to their natural resistance to fire and wood rot. However, the high-tannin levels in these woods can cause the color to shift a bit during the cleaning process often darkening the wood in uneven patterns as the tannins in the wood are brought to the surface. At this point in the process, experts often recommend using a high-quality wood brightener to neutralize the tannins in the wood and bring the wood back to its original color prior to staining.

Choose a Quality Oil-Based Stain

Choosing the proper wood stain is imperative in creating a wooden garage door style you will love. Most home improvement experts recommend using an exterior oil-based stain in semi-solid or semi-transparent formulas. These stains can be applied with a roller, brush or sprayer. Typically, one coat is enough to adequately color the door, but if you do choose to apply a second coat, allow the first coat to dry for several hours before reapplication.


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