precision garage doors


Getting a new garage door can be exciting, but it can be intimating to install it yourself. Here are a few benefits that come with having your garage door installed by a professional.

Hiring a Professional to Install Your New Garage Door

Getting a new garage door is an exciting process. While some homeowners believe that installing a garage door is easy, there’s a complex system of springs, cables, and pulleys at play. If any of these mechanics aren’t installed correctly, your garage door may not function as intended. In some cases, it can even void your manufacturer warranty. Scheduling a garage installation in Bakersfield can ensure that the entire process is done right. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing an expert.

Building Permits

When you replace or install a new garage door, your city or state may require you to get a building permit. Without the proper permits, you may be breaking the law. Only minor repairs are allowed without a permit. A professional can help ensure that you have the right permits to install your new garage door.

Programming Garage Door Opener

If you’ve never programmed a garage door opener, it can be more challenging than you’re aware. Hiring a professional can ensure that all of your garage door opener remotes are programmed correctly. This can save you a lot of problems later on down the road.


Furthermore, hiring a professional ensures that your garage door is balanced correctly. Having your garage door balanced ensures that it reaches its intended life span. It can also help make your home more energy efficient by limiting gaps and creating proper seals.