Whether your garage is attached or detached, it’s part of your home and generally covered by your home insurance policy. If you need a Bakersfield garage service to perform a significant repair or replacement, that work may be covered. It’s generally best to call your insurance provider in advance. The company will send an adjuster, who’ll assess your claim and then facilitate the insurance check that covers the needed work.

Natural Occurrences

Most insurance claims involve natural occurrences. The vast majority of these cases are processed without issue, and they rarely result in an insurance increase. If a bad storm knocks down a tree that falls into your garage doors, it’s a natural event, which your insurance will likely cover in full.

Vehicle-Related Damage

A common cause of damage to garage doors is vehicles, such as clipping a garage door frame or accidentally moving forward when you meant to reverse. Whether or not such damage is covered depends on who’s at fault. If you caused the accident, then your car insurance won’t cover the damage, but your home insurance will. If a visitor caused the damage, then that person is at fault, and his or her car insurance would be liable to cover the damage.


Another common cause of garage damage that’s covered by home insurance is vandalism. Such coverage isn’t limited to crimes of hate. If kids out on Halloween egg a home, and that material discolors the garage doors, then the home insurance would at least cover repainting or replacing it.

Hardware Malfunctions

When it comes to hardware malfunctions and failures, responsibility comes down to what caused the issue. If your garage door opener stops working because it just gave out, then you’re out of luck and must cover the bill even if the opener didn’t last as long as the manufacturer said it would. If, on the other hand, you require a new opener because of an electrical surge, then the replacement likely would be covered by insurance.