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Lower Your AC Bill With an Insulated Garage Door

Homeowners often schedule Visalia garage door repair when there is an obvious problem, such as a stuck door or an opener that grinds open and to a close. But some issues can be less obvious. There are many garage doors in the area that look practically new but are costing homeowners hundreds of dollars due to a lack of insulation.

How a Garage Door Can Affect Your AC Bill

Traditional garages were designed a lot like attics. Insulation only existed on the inside wall. The rest of the garage was uninsulated. The garage would thus remain at a temperature reasonably close to the outside air. The trend in modern garage doors is going in a different direction. People use their garages as additional living space and often want climate control for their vehicles. An uninsulated garage door in that scenario is a weakness that allows an easy transfer of cooled air to the outside.

What Is an Insulated Garage Door?

All garage doors are insulated to some degree. A garage door made of wood has some natural insulation. Modern metal garage doors tend to have layers, and better insulation can be achieved with additional inner materials as well as exterior coatings. Insulation is measured in R-value. If a garage is insulated, experts generally recommend a garage door R-value of 12 or greater.

Can R-Value be Improved?

If the R-value of your garage door is well below what is ideal for your home, then it is generally recommended that you replace it with a more insulated model. Nevertheless, you can improve the R-value of a garage door. One way is to upgrade the weather-stripping. The bottom edge is a notable problem area. Other more drastic options include the installation of materials like polystyrene panels and reflective foil insulation. Both options can raise R-value considerably, and inner panels can be particularly appealing when you want to preserve a decorative door.