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How Do You Deal With Broken Garage Door Keypads?

The garage door opener inside your house is an incredibly convenient and simple device to use. You can put a keypad inside the garage that helps you open the door, and you might even put a keypad outside the house that helps you enter the home without a remote. This keypad could be used when you want your neighbor or house sitter to enter the house, but it is useless if it breaks down. There are a few tips listed below that will help you deal with a malfunctioning keypad.

You Should Get Your Garage Doors And Openers Serviced

If you have not had Bakersfield garage door repairs done in the past, you should get the whole system serviced at least once a year. You may have noticed that the keypad does not work the first time you press the buttons, or you may come home to an open garage door that you know you closed before leaving. A simple service appointment will help you keep the doors, openers, and keypads in fine working order.

What If You Are Stuck Outside The House?

If you were counting on getting in the house through your garage door, you may be stuck outside when the keypad stops working. You should keep the phone number of your garage door technician on your phone, and you can call for emergency service. The technician can check the wires in the keypad, help open the door, and replace the pet pad if needed. At times, you need to replace the wiring. However, you may need to replace the keypad if it has been waterlogged or damaged by flying debris.

Have Another Way Of Getting In The House

Many American families are accustomed to parking in their garage, entering the house through an unlocked door, and closing the garage door every day. However, you need an alternate method of entering your home. Keep your house keys with you at all times. If you have an opener remote for the car, you should try to use it. If you have two garage doors, you may try the keypad for the other door. Once you enter the house, you can contact your repair technician for assistance. It is best if you have both doors and keypads checked to ensure they will work in the future. Each of these steps ensures that you can easily get in and out of your house even if your garage door openers or their keypads fail.