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Why You Should Have Your Garage Inspected Twice Annually

It isn’t uncommon for a garage door to experience a variety of issues such as broken springs, broken doors or motors that stop working. However, it may be possible to minimize the chances of these and other problems occurring by scheduling a biannual inspection. Ideally, you’ll want to have this inspection during the spring and fall months.

Why You Want to Get a Garage Door Inspected During the Spring

It is likely that you’ll be going to picnics, parties and other events more often as the weather starts to get warmer. Therefore, you may put more strain on the garage door motor and springs. Having an inspection done can help to ensure that your door and its associated components will be able to handle the extra workload. If not, a garage door repair Bakersfield service provider can help fix any problems that have developed since the previous inspection.

Why You Want a Garage Door Inspection During the Fall

Having a garage door inspected in the fall can make it easier to ensure that it will be ready for the cooler fall and winter weather. If there is any damage that needs to be repaired, it is generally easier to do so when the days are both longer and warmer. The fall may also be a good time to ask about an insulated garage door or other ways to keep the space warmer throughout the winter months.

Service Packages May Be Available

It may be a good idea to purchase service packages that come with regular inspections. This may make it easier to remember to have an inspection done as well as help you save money on them. It is worth noting that staying on a regular service schedule may prevent potentially voiding any warranty that your door came with.