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Making a Smart Garage Door Part of Your Smart Home

Driving home on a winter’s night will be much more helpful if you know that your garage will turn on the lights and open the door as it senses your car coming down the street. Smart technology is the wave of the moment, and it is the wave of the future. With smart home security systems, smart doorbells, smart refrigerators, and more, houses are well on their way to making life more comfortable and functional. The addition of a smart garage door makes the smart house complete.

Smart Technology Makes Life Easier

Many smart devices are making life easier. The addition of a smart garage door fits by providing many valuable options. The smart system can be programmed with different codes to allow safe access for individual family members. Out of town or unexpected guests can be let in with the touch of a button on from your smartphone. Deliveries can be left in the garage as opposed to letting a stranger into your home. These are just a few options smart technologies now provide.

Retrofit or New Installation

There are several ways to get a smart garage door integrated into your smart home system. For existing garage doors, whether motorized or manual, a smart system can be retrofitted. The retrofit can be a simple installation accomplished by mounting a smart controller onto the existing hardware. This system will provide some added features without requiring a complete system overhaul.

With a completely new smart garage door system, the old system is removed, and a new Android or iPhone enabled system is installed. These systems come with the ability to connect to smart home systems such as Nest, Google Home, and Alexa and provide the ability to coordinate all the systems to run together seamlessly.

Syncing Up Your Smart Home

Whether a retrofit or a new installation, the addition of a smart garage door system is a great way to take full advantage of the technological wave of the moment. If you need assistance with installation, professionals who perform Bakersfield garage door repairs can make the transition easier.