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Burglar-Proof Your Garage

As a homeowner, it is your job to make sure that your family and home are protected from would-be thieves. And although security cameras and alarms are all well and good, there is one area that homeowners tend to neglect. The garage door is by far the biggest opening to your home. Thus, it is important to make sure that this area as burglar-proof as possible. Thus, here are a few ways you can begin improving the security of your garage.


The simplest and most affordable thing you can begin doing right now is to make yourself a routine checklist. This should involve making sure that your garage door is not only lowered but locked each night and when your entire family leaves for work and school in the morning. If you are having a new garage door installed, it is best to ask your garage installation Bakersfield company to show you the exact places your door can be locked or breached from the outside.

Never Keep Your Remote in Your Car

Some thieves are not out to simply loot your car. Instead, they are looking for a bigger prize, your garage door remote. Thus, it is incredibly important to make sure that you are not leaving your garage door remote inside your car. A great alternative is installing a garage door app on your phone. This installation process is very quick and painless, with much of it being completed in a matter of minutes. Note that you will need to have Wi-Fi within your home for this technique to work.

Burglar-proof Garage Door Windows

One of the easiest ways a would-be thief can see if your home is worth breaking into is by simply looking through your garage door windows. You can prevent this from happening by installing curtains onto your windows. Now, if you are worried that you won’t be getting enough sunlight into the garage, there is an alternative. Frosted film distorts the glass in a way that can prevent people from looking into your garage and still allow you to receive natural light.