Garage Door Repair Service | Precision Door of Bakersfield

Garage Door Repair Service | Precision Garage Door of Bakersfield

What You Should Know About Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors offer an array of benefits for your home, which include a natural aesthetic as well as relative affordability. While wood doors need to be maintained on a regular basis, they offer advantages that other door materials simply can’t provide. If you’re interested in purchasing a new wood door for your garage, the two different types of wood doors that you can choose from include tilt-up doors and roll-up doors.

Tilt-Up Wood Doors

This is the more affordable of the two-door types and is usually built with a combination of plywood and a softwood like spruce or Douglas fir. These doors are usually basic in design and are meant to provide your home with an appearance that matches the siding of your house. The door opens upwards and out when you activate the opener. The type of flush construction used with the tilt-up design results in garage doors that are strong and sturdy.

Roll-Up Wood Doors

This is a type of door that can have either panel or flush construction. When the opener for this type of door is activated, it rolls straight up and allows you to enter or leave your garage. These doors are typically made from some type of softwood. However, panel construction for doors that are meant to be painted can use either hardboard or plywood. Some roll-up doors are designed to be stained as opposed to painted, which means that they can include solid wood inserts of redwood, cedar, or any number of high-quality woods.

Importance of Installation Services

Once you’ve found the wood garage door that matches your specifications, it’s important that the door is professionally installed to ensure that you don’t damage it. When searching for a company that provides a garage installation in Bakersfield, make sure that you select one that has a sterling reputation and employs experienced technicians. Good installation services will ensure that your door works properly and that your investment is a sound one.