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Garage doors are created to take the abuse of all types of bumps, scratches, and even the harshest of weather elements. However, much like with anything, it will begin to show some normal wear and tear. Read on to learn some of the most essential maintenance tasks you should start to perform on your garage door.

Essential Maintenance Tasks for Garage Doors

One of the most used items in your home, the garage door is often overlooked in terms of regular maintenance checks. However, unlike other things in your home, not paying attention to the condition of the garage door can come with very costly and dangerous consequences. Therefore, the following list includes some of the most essential maintenance tasks you need to perform on your garage door.

Tighten It Up

Because a garage door is often battered with strong winds and rain, it can become weaker over time. One of the first and more obvious things you will notice is the loosening of various nuts and bolts around the garage door. One of the more visual signs that they need to be tightened is the rattling of the garage door as it moves up the tracking system. If you are unsure about the locations of these bolts as well as how to properly tighten them, you may seek the services of a Bakersfield garage door repair company to ensure that a safe and professional job is done.

Maintenance and Repair of Garage Door Rollers

No matter how little or how much you use them, inspecting and repairing your garage door rollers is a must. In terms of material, both nylon and steel rollers need to be inspected for various cracks or chips on their surface. These rollers are located on the sides of the door and allow it to smoothly go up onto your ceiling.

Inspect Your Cables

It should be noted right away that you should never mess around with your garage door cables as they can be extremely dangerous. In fact, cables have so much tension that having one snap and hit you may seriously injure you. However, this does not mean you should ignore them. Stand clear of your cables and look at their condition. Look around for signs of wear and tear. If you do find some, you must contact a professional to do the job.