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What to Do If You Have Damaged Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers come in different sizes, materials, and strengths. The roller sizes you will need will depend on the size of your garage door. The materials are often a potent combination of nylons and metals.

Know what type of rollers you need for your door. If the roller you buy is too short for your garage door, it can end up jumping from the tracks. This can cause a lot of damage to your door such as broken hinges, panels, and the garage door opener.

The material that makes up the roller will determine how quietly your garage door functions. Nylon rollers make less noise than those made of metal. As long as you don’t mind the additional noise, both types of rollers work about the same.

Reasons for Damaged Garage Door Rollers

One reason that garage door rollers can get damaged is their material. Rollers only last a few years. The housing of the bearings can become loose. This causes the bearings to jump from their place. This, in turn, causes the rollers to malfunction.

The weight of your door can be another reason that your rollers malfunction. Heavy garage doors put more pressure on the bearings. This wears down the rollers over time. Crooked tracks can also cause the rollers to become uneven.

Why You Should Fix Your Broken Rollers

If you have a bad garage door roller, your door may still be able to function. Some garage doors can still work with nonfunctioning rollers. You’ll know your garage door roller is broken when you hear scratching noises while your door is working. Damaged rollers are not good for your garage door system. Broken rollers also negatively affect other components such as the motor, the tracks, and the overall functioning of the garage door.

What to Do When You Have Broken Garage Rollers

If you know your garage rollers are malfunctioning, call the experts in garage installation in Bakersfield. Garage repair technicians can get you the right rollers for your garage and do so in a nonintrusive way. Don’t hesitate in calling for help when you have broken rollers. The quicker the issue is resolved, the better off your home will be.