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The Pros and Cons of Torsion vs. Extension Springs

The garage door is made up of a variety of components, but none are more important than the garage door springs. The springs allow your door to be able to smoothly go up and down, thus providing you with the service you paid for. However, if you’re in the process of installing a new garage, you may be wondering what type of springs you should install. Here are a few of the pros and cons of installing torsion and extension springs.

Extension Springs Pros and Cons

In terms of functionality, the name says it all. Extension springs work when pressure is applied to them, thus providing the required force to open and close your garage door. It’s a rather simple process but one that provides a tremendous amount of power. One of the most important things for a homeowner is purchasing a reliable spring system, which is where the first pro lies. Extension springs have a long record of being reliable methods of opening and closing a door. In addition, because they are installed on the garage side rather than on top, it also provides homeowners with additional headroom. Now, due to the components needed to work (pulleys and cables), they are more likely to show some wear and tear, thus requiring you to seek the services of a garage door repairs Bakersfield company from time to time.

Torsion Springs Pros and Cons

The way a torsion spring works is by storing energy within the spring. This is caused when the spring is twisted and untwisted. Perhaps the reasons why torsion springs have now been a real competitor to extension springs are due to their more reliable components. Because they don’t need too much repair work done onto them, they are much more appealing to homeowners. These same components also give the garage door a sturdier feel and one that makes less noise. A con to this type of spring involves its installation. Because torsion springs are placed on top, they often remove a lot of headroom within the garage, thus limiting the type of car you can park in there.