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Should Your Garage Door Have Windows?

If you’ve been looking at your garage door lately and feel like something is missing, then you might actually be right. Adding windows to a garage door has, over time, become more and more popular. This is often driven by homes being made too similar, and thus homeowners feel the need to add a little more personality to their existing home. But are garage door windows worth it? Read on the learn why you should or shouldn’t add them to your garage door.

Visual Pros and Cons

One of the most common reasons why homeowners choose to go with garage installation Bakersfield windows is because of its aesthetic appeal. This is often done to match newly renovated areas of your home, such as your windows or doors. Although this is a great addition, it can be hard to envision the end results, as you will not know until you begin to cut holes on your garage door. Fortunately, there are many garage door manufacturers that are providing customers 3D renderings of their home with the view ports added on in order to allow them to envision it before investing any money.

Functionality Pros and Cons of Windows

Much of the reasons for adding windows to a garage door include the need to allow natural light into the small space. Many homeowners like to do work within their garage, and having natural like rather than artificial can greatly improve the comfortability of a garage. However, when you have window additions to your garage door, you are also taking a big security risk. Potential thieves can easily look into your garage and look around for items they deem worthy of stealing. So, if you’re choosing to add windows, then it is important to keep this risk in mind.