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Add-On Garage or Separate Building? What to Consider

If you’ve ever woken up to frozen windshields and long car heating times, then you understand the importance of adding a garage to your home. However, the real question here is, which kind should you add? The following list includes two types of garages, add-on garage or separate building, and what you should consider before making your final decision.

Add-On Garage Pros and Cons

It’s safe to say that one of the most common reasons people tend to choose an add-on versus a separate building is that it provides owners with convenient access to the home. This means avoiding bad weather or dangerous walks out at night. In addition, much of the energy provided to the garage can be quickly attached to the home’s current electrical system. Now let’s move onto the cons of this type of garage. The first and most important is safety. Having such a large entrance to your home gives thieves a chance to break in and destroy property, which can lead to having to contact a garage door repair Visalia company. Another big risk involves fire. This is because flammable liquids are often stored in the garage space and can quickly jump a small fire in your garage to the rest of your home.

Separate Building Pros and Cons

A common reason why homeowners might want to invest in a separate building as their garage is for storage. Homeowners understand that a garage is much more than a place where you protect your car but also somewhere you can use to store away valuables or simply items such as decorations. In this instance, separate buildings are the way to go. Now for the drawbacks of a separate building. These are much more often declined by homeowner associations due to their overwhelming size and look, so you might have some issues convening them to allow this. In addition, having a separate building also means having to invest large amounts of money on re-routing electrical systems to power your building.