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Performing Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs for Broken Cables

When you think about Bakersfield garage door repairs you probably consider the tracks, rollers, panels, and other more visible elements. While the cables usually escape your view, they are essential to the door working properly. If one or both cables snap, then the door won’t be able to raise and lower properly. This will show you what to do if you can do the garage door repair yourself and when a professional is needed for your precision garage doors.

What Do Garage Door Cables Do?

You may not notice them all, but there are many different parts of your garage door. Each part does something different and is there to make the door smoother to move or they support its weight. Most people don’t realize how much their garage door weighs because it’s supported by cables and tracks, but the door usually weighs up to 400 pounds depending on the material.

There are cables on both sides of your precision garage doors. These work in tandem with your extension and torsion springs to support the door while allowing it to move more smoothly. If just one cable breaks, then there will be more stress on one side of the garage door. This can lead to it being harder to move and the eventual collapse of other supporting parts. If both breaks, then your door will be much harder to move.

These are critical parts. Even if your garage door is still moving up and down, you should still repair the parts immediately as your garage door may suffer significant damage if this isn’t taken seriously.

Is a Professional Needed for Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs With Cables?

While it is possible to do your own Bakersfield garage door repairs when it comes to broken cables, it’s highly recommended that you get professional assistance instead of attempting it yourself. One reason for this is the sometimes complicated nature of problems with broken cables while another reason is the possibility of injury or property damage.

Aside from the cable snapping, you might also have cable problems if they unwind from the drum and must be reconnected if they are wound around the opener’s drum improperly, if the drum is worn and putting more stress on the cable, or if the cable has been incorrectly installed and it isn’t offering the right level of support for the garage door.

Checking the garage door opener for the exact cause of the problem can be difficult. It’s easy to get lost in all the moving parts and not find exactly what the issue is. A professional will quickly assess the situation while providing the help you need.

There is also the possibility of injury or damage if you attempt to fix the cable on your own. Your hands will be around metallic and moving parts. If you don’t know what you’re doing, there then is a chance of getting your fingers caught or otherwise injuring yourself. You’ll then find that the hospital bills often rival or exceed the cost of a professional working on your Bakersfield garage door.

You can do the work and escape injury, but that isn’t the end of it. If you didn’t install the cables correctly, then this might lead to problems with the garage door. For example, the cables may not offer the right level of support. They might work now, but they can wear out quickly. There’s also the chance of the installation not working which means you’ve wasted significant time without any reward.

While you might save money by doing the repairs yourself, there are so many potential problems that it’s better to get a professional involved.

Closing the Door

If a cable just snapped, then you might be wondering what you should do. The garage door will often be partially open when this happens because the cable will snap under stress. While the door might then slam shut, there is also a good chance that it will just partially drop and hang suspended.

Close the door if you can by pushing it down. There will likely be some resistance, but it should move somewhat easily. This will reduce stress on the other cable while also preventing the door from dropping further. At the same time, the door might be completely stuck. Don’t force the garage door if it won’t move. This is when you should call a Bakersfield garage door repair professional immediately.

Cutting the Remaining Cable

This isn’t recommended whenever one cable snaps, but it might be necessary depending on the situation. If one cable snaps, then attempt to close the door manually and call a professional to help. The problem though is that sometimes you need the door closed before a professional can come.

This is usually during harsher seasons or if there is a strong storm going on. If the door isn’t moving and you need it closed immediately, then you can cut the remaining cable. Be extremely careful about this. Not only is the cable under tension and able to injure you, but the door will likely slam shut and it might injure anyone standing near it.

This isn’t recommended in most situations, but it might be needed in more extreme situations.

Routine Cable Maintenance

While repairing the cable may not be recommended in most situations, doing routine maintenance can be very useful in improving its longevity. Start by checking the cables and looking for frays, bends, kinks, or any other problems. Even minor physical defects can be much worse over time.

You should then clean the cable of dirt and grime. These particles can clog the opener and tracks, which can lead to undue stress on the parts. Cleaning the cables monthly will go a long way to improving the longevity of your garage door.