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How to Give a Garage Door as a Gift

Some people choose to look the other way when their home cries out for attention. If you happen to be friends with one of these people, the perfect way to show that you care is by giving them a new garage door for free without their knowledge. It’s also possible to provide free garage door repairs in Visalia if you don’t feel like making a serious investment. Read on to learn how to provide your friend with a gift they’ll never forget.

Secretly Learn your Friend’s Preferences

The next time you see your friend, find some way to bring up garage doors naturally in conversation. If you bring up the subject too pointedly, you’ll give your plans away, so you’ll need to play it cool. One way to broach the subject is to ask your friend’s opinion on exterior decor in general. You can then gently coax the conversation toward their opinion on how garage door aesthetics fit into the grand scheme of things. Make sure not to provide any garage door installation tips or tell them how easy garage door installation can be. Doing so might incentivize your friend to undertake garage door repairs or replacement on their own, which would blow your plans out of the water.

Lure the Receiver Out of the House

Get in touch with a local company like Precision Overhead Garage Door Service and arrange a date for the installation. On the given date, lure your friend out of the house. The best way to do this is by going on an outing with your friend so you can make sure they don’t head home unexpectedly. When the installation is complete, escort your friend back home and bask in their amazement as they behold their new garage door.