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Common Garage Door Repair Emergencies

All homeowners are bound to encounter problems no matter where they live. From failing appliances to busted pipes, there is no limit to the problems that arise. A looming danger almost every homeowner faces is a broken garage door. Here are the most common emergency garage door repairs in Bakersfield and what to do about them.

Extension Springs and Broken Torsion

A broken extension or torsion spring is going to derail your garage door almost immediately. Garage doors are bound to give out in the long run, but springs have lifespans. They’re made to properly function for an established amount of cycles. One cycle is a complete open and close of your garage door.

Springs usually get set to 10,000 cycles. This can vary from 10-13 years of application. After every cycle is used up, it is only a matter of time before a spring doesn’t work anymore. Doing work on broken springs without the right training can be very hazardous. It’s highly suggested to leave the issue to professionals unless you’re certified to replace garage door springs in Vegas.

Garage Doors That Are Off Track

Off-track garage doors aren’t only frustrating, they also have the possibility to be downright deadly. Doors don’t have to endure any damage to be placed out of position. Something as straightforward as tangled cables can stop the door from properly opening. When you have an off-track garage door in Vegas, it’s crucial to keep the space clear until the repair technician can diagnose the issue. Make sure any pets, vehicles or children are away from the garage door until you are given the all clear.

Snapped or Broken Cables

A common that’s less widespread is snapped or broken cables. The cables are more vulnerable to damages in colder and warmer climates. Similar to an off-track door, damaged cables can be very dangerous. Our experts are licensed to work with all kinds of cables and will make sure your concern gets taken care of immediately.