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Choose the Right Horsepower for Your Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers make our lives easier by lifting that heavy door each and every morning. This often leads people to not really think about the energy required to lift it in the first place. The reality is that not all openers are created equal. Therefore, it is vital that as a homeowner, you understand exactly how much horsepower your opener needs to function properly throughout the year.

Study Your Garage Door to Determine Horsepower Needed

The amount of horsepower you will need is based on a variety of factors. Let’s begin with the weight of your door first. A heavy door with multiple layers attached to it will need more power to bring it up and down. In order to really study and understand your door, you must take a few measurements. First, measure the width and height. Single car doors usually measure around ten ft wide by eight ft tall. Smaller doors like these don’t require too much power to lift. It should be noted that before you study your door, you make sure that it is in proper working order. Seek the services of a company that specializes in garage door repair in Visalia to fix any underlining issues before choosing an opener.

Power Options

When it comes to openers, most openers will have a power of 1/3 to over 1. Those with a residential garage door can use a 1/2 power opener, and that would usually be enough to do the job correctly. If you have a door that is 10 feet wide and eight feet tall, then it is recommended to purchase an opener with 1/3 power. Now, if you are an owner of a double car garage with multiple layers attached to it, such as insulation, then you will most likely need to purchase an opener with a 3/4-power. This will ensure that your door opener has the power to lift this type of door during all conditions.