Have Your Garage Door Opener Inspected By a Professional

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Some of the signals that you need to have your garage door opener repaired Bakersfield garage door repairs are:

• It doesn’t respond quickly to the signal. This could be caused by a disconnected wire or a faltering power supply.
• It has a sagging chain. This could put extra stress on the drive sprocket.
• The door fails to open fully. The limit screws may need adjusting.
• The safety reversing sensors are not properly aligned. This protects a pet or child who may break the sensor beam when the door is closing.

What to Look for

Even before your door stops functioning properly, you may be able to tell that it needs to be inspected and repaired. If it makes an unusual or unexpected noise and sounds like it is straining to lift the door, it could mean the springs aren’t working properly. This will wear out the door opener mechanism fast and needs to be repaired.

The door runs on tracks. If it gets off-track, your door will look lopsided. This is not attractive for the overall appearance of your home, but worse, it sends a message to the street that your door can be opened by an intruder.

The Benefits of a Professional

It is always recommended to have your garage door opener repaired by a trained technician. They are specially trained to handle many of the most common garage door brands, configurations and styles. The technician will first talk to you about the problem, examine the opener and tell you your repair options.

Emergency Services

If your garage door isn’t working properly and needs to be repaired or replaced, it is important that you have it done soon. A malfunctioning garage door can close unexpectedly and injure a pet or child and it can be opened by an intruder if it looks broken from the street. The way to a safe and secure garage door is to have it repaired as soon as you see signs of wear.