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Most people tend to treat their pets as part of the family, thus the reason why it is so important to take them into consideration when installing a new garage door to make sure it is pet-friendly.

Installing Pet-Friendly Garage Doors

The garage door is one of the most used items in the home. Although it’s a very convenient part of our lives, it can also be very dangerous to children as well as animals. Therefore, in order to maintain the safety of your pets, here are some of the best ways to install a pet-friendly garage door.

Make Your Cables and Wires Pet-Friendly

It’s simply a reality that pets are going to want to chew on everything they see. Although you may think that your dog is well-trained, you should still not take the chance of them biting the wrong wire and causing damage not only to your door but to themselves as well. You may seek the aid of a Bakersfield garage door repairs company to find out several ways to keep components out of the way.

Add a Pet Door

You may notice that most homeowners will keep their garage door slightly open for their pets to be able to run around. However, an unknown consequence of doing this is that you may be damaging the tension springs of your garage door. The best way to avoid this is to install a pet door. Some may be wary due to the security risk of having an open space, but you can prevent anyone from sticking their heads in by simply attaching a locking mechanism from within.

Test Out Reverse Sensors

Most automatic garage doors will have a reversal sensor that senses when an object, person or animal is in the way. Although they may be standard it is imperative that you test this feature out a few times a year. One of the best ways to do this is to close the door and place an object underneath to see if it functions properly. This will ensure that your pet is not hurt by a garage door lowering or raising itself.