Four Ways to Enjoy a Greener Garage

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A common garage door repair Visalia residents request is replacement of weather-stripping. Weather-stripping needs to be replaced every several years or so, and it plays an important role in keeping a garage dry and eco-friendly. Here are four other ways that you make your garage a greener and smarter part of your home.

Install an Exhaust Fan

Did you know that some local building codes now mandate exhaust fan installations in garages for new construction? Garages are generally small well-sealed spaces where harmful gases can achieve high concentration levels rather quickly. An exhaust fan is not only a relatively inexpensive product and install, but it protects you against harmful substances. In addition, it can improve overall ventilation, keep a garage cooler during summer and even prevent a buildup of condensation.

Install Insulation

At the very least, consider installing insulation for the garage door if it has a relatively low R-Value. You can purchase a door with a high R-Value, but you can also hire a garage technician to install an aftermarket upgrade kit. If you want to take this a step further, consider weatherproofing other doors and windows in the space as well as insulation for the walls. Contractors tend to only put insulation in the one interior wall and leave the others bare.

Opt for Green Paints and Stains

Opt for paints, stains and other sealants that are made by companies that focus on environmental friendliness and proper recycling. But also choose that materials that provide your garage a real green effect. There are paints that can increase the R-Value of the room, enhance LED lighting and even seal the floor so that water cannot penetrate it from below.

Invest in a Smart Opener

A smart, programmable opener ensures that your garage is only open when necessary and closed the rest of the time. If your current opener is basic, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new one. The pros can install kits that support programming, Wi-Fi, smartphone apps and more.