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How to Choose the Right Garage Door for Hot Weather

If you’re getting a new garage door installed or repairing an existing one in Bakersfield, you’ll want to select a garage door that keeps the heat out and the cool air in. The summer heat in California can be brutal, but learning how to protect your garage can be the key to keeping your entire home comfortable. A Bakersfield garage door repair service can quickly install insulated garage doors or upgrade your existing doors to insulated ones.

Remember the Importance of Windows

Windows in garage doors can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, windows can let heat in if they are exposed to direct sunlight. On the other hand, however, windows in your garage door can be one of the best ways to bleed heat out of your garage after the sun has moved on for the day. In most cases, these windows are installed toward the top of a garage door. This location is ideal in terms of keeping your garage cool since it is usually shaded by the eaves of your house.

Insulate When You Repair

Any garage door can be protected against summer heat with insulation. If you’re already having mechanical trouble with your garage door, this seemingly unfortunate circumstance can be an optimal opportunity for getting insulation installed. Insulation is installed along the inner wall of your garage door, and it turns the door into a heat-absorbing surface. When insulation keeps heat from entering the garage, it can benefit your entire home. Your garage is usually directly connected to the foundation of your home, and a cooler garage means not as much heat can spread through the foundation to your interior floors.