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How To Deal With A Moldy Garage Door

In the summer months, a garage can be one of the most humid spaces within a home. The same can be true even if the garage is detached from the rest of the house. During the cooler months, it is still possible that a garage and garage door face a consistent onslaught of rain, sleet or dew. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your door free from mold as well as methods to remediate mold that has already formed.

Keep Mold Off Your Door

Mold thrives in areas that are dark and moist. While it may not be possible to add a significant amount of light to a garage, it is possible to keep water out. This may be done by making sure that there are no roof or gutter leaks. It can also be done by making sure that windows, doors and floors are properly sealed. By reducing the amount of moisture in the garage, the less likely mold can spread to and survive on the door itself.

Have the Door Power Washed

Power washing a garage door can get rid of any mold that has managed to form on it. In addition to washing the door, it may be a good idea to have a professional look at it to ensure that it is still in good condition. Enlisting the help of a Bakersfield garage door repairs company may also make it easier to ensure that mold won’t come back.

Be Wary of Black Mold

While any type of mold should be removed quickly, black mold can be especially harmful to your health. It can lead to breathing or other problems even in those who hadn’t had them previously. If this type of mold exists on a garage door, consider replacing it.