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Common Garage Door Keypad Issues

Although the garage door is built to last, that can only occur if you take care of the various components that make up the garage door. One of the most neglected areas and one that can cause the most frustrations is the door keypad. Therefore, the following includes a list of common keypad issues and how to fix/avoid them in the future.

Battery Keypad Issues

Perhaps the most common issue that you’re going to run into is a battery keypad issue. Therefore, before you go poking around with wires or changing codes, you first need to check on the battery. Most garage doors will take a 12-volt or a 9-volt battery. Once that occurs, you then need to reprogram the keypad. In rare cases, you may even need to reset your PIN.

Check for Wiring Issues

The next issue that you may have on your hands involves the wiring inside the keypad itself. It may be the case that you have a few frayed wires that you simply have not located just yet. You are going to want to open the case and look for both frayed and loose wires. Once those are located, you can then begin the process of connecting them to the correct numbers. Wiring can be a little daunting for some people. Therefore, it is recommended to call in the professionals of a garage door repairs Bakersfield company to ensure the safe connection of your keypad.

Rebooting the Garage Door Opener

If all the troubleshooting stated above has not worked or has been found not to be the cause of the problem, you may then need to reboot the entire garage door opener. This is done by unplugging the opener and leaving it alone for five minutes. Once you re-connect, the opener will be wiped clean of all its memory, and thus you would need to add your PIN once again.