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Determine If Your Bakersfield Garage Door Opens During a Power Outage

You are probably taking your garage door in Henderson for granted. You’ll quickly come to be grateful for your garage door opener when you have to open it if the power goes out. It is feasible for your garage door to function with no power — you will just need to open it manually to avoid any unnecessary Bakersfield garage door repairs.

Pull on the Manual Release Cord

Almost every garage door has a manual release feature to circumvent the opening mechanism if a power outage occurs, if the motor stops working or if the garage door remote malfunctions. In order to trigger the manual release, find the short rope dangling from your Henderson garage door track. It typically ends with that T-shaped red handle. Tug on this cord to free the door from the belt or drive chain.

It is going to require a bit of force, but do not hang off the rope as you can harm the track. You should try not to pull the manual release cord if the garage door is in the open position. When no other option is available, prop the door open using boards and clear out all objects and people before releasing the garage door.

Open Your Garage Door by Hand

There is supposed to be a handle placed on the inside of your garage door in Henderson. Grab it and lift upward. With the door disengaged from the opening device, it’s going to be relatively easy for a single person to open the door to the fully raised position. When your door isn’t possible to lift, or it unevenly opens, you might have a broken tension cable or spring that needs attention. Each of these conditions can be extremely dangerous to repair by yourself, so be sure to contact a garage door repair technician to solve the issue.