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How Do You Test Your Garage Doors?

A garage door has a big job that requires occasional tweaks. When you have used it for many years, it’s only natural for problems to arise with the way the door functions. This is normal and may signify you need repairs. You may want to test your garage doors to check for potential problems.

Place an Object in Line With the Sensor

You can check the manner in which the garage door closes by placing an object, such as a brick, on the ground in line with the sensor. Use the garage door opener to close the door. If it does not automatically sense the brick in its path and continues closing, there is a problem.

Open and Close the Door With the Opener

You can also test out garage doors by keeping the door closed and trying to open it using your hand-held opener. If it hesitates to open or makes unusual noises, this is a sign there is a problem. Obviously, if the door fails to open at all, you need Bakersfield garage door repairs. The door may be off of its track, which can prevent it from opening or closing.

Check the Door’s Balance

Manually lift your garage door around three to four feet off the ground and release it. A normally functioning mechanism should ensure that the door remains balanced and in place. It’s OK if the door gently falls to the ground or rises slowly. However, if it slams fast or goes up with force, it means the door is out of balance and needs repairs.

Check for Obstructions Around the Sensor

Finally, you can also check your garage door’s sensor for obstructions. The mechanisms that resemble cameras by the base of the door on either side must be free of obstructions so the door can function properly. However, if there is an obstruction, it can prevent the door from closing. You can test this out, but avoid using yourself or another person to physically check it. Break the beam of light between the sensors to see whether the door reverses course. The sensor should only activate when the door is closing.

These tests can show whether your garage doors need repairs. You should aim to perform them every several years.