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How to Fix Malfunctioning Garage Door

The last thing that you want to hear when you open the garage door in the morning is a loud squeaking or scratching noise. The good news is that these and other reoccurring problems may be easier to fix than you thought. In most cases, your first step in troubleshooting an issue may be to call a Visalia garage door repair professional.

Fix a Squeaking Door by Adding Lubrication

A chain rail, arm bar and part that comes with ball bearings will likely need to be lubricated if you hear squeaking or squealing when the door opens or closes. A professional will use a silicone or lithium spray to make sure that they are not rubbing or scoring against each other. It is important that whoever does the work for you does not use WD-40, and it is never a good idea to use WD-40 or most other lubricants on the garage door track.

What If the Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way?

It is possible that your garage door isn’t closing properly because there is a problem with the sensor. Another likely explanation is that there is debris or other material that is not allowing the garage door to close all the way to the floor. In such a scenario, a professional will likely attempt to clean out any debris that is visible. If that doesn’t work, it may be necessary to perform a sensor reset.

Weather Stripping or Insulation May Have Been Installed Improperly

When installed properly, weather seals along the bottom of the door or between panels can keep drafts to a minimum. The same is generally true when a door is insulated. However, if you notice drafts, moisture or other problems, it could be because of poor craftsmanship. A professional may be able to stop by your home, diagnose the issue and correct it.