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A home using Garage Door Holiday Decor

Celebrate the Season with Unique Garage Door Holiday Decor

‘Tis the season to add color and holiday flair to your home, and your garage door is a great place to start. Garage doors offer a perfect large, blank canvas for creative decorating during the holiday season. To help you add some fun and festive garage door holiday decor to your home, here are some tips from experts for garage door repair in Visalia.

Go Big with a Holiday-Themed Garage Door Mural

Showcase your spirit with a garage door mural featuring a beloved or familiar holiday scene. Whether you cover your garage door with Santa’s workshop, a wintery snowscape, a nativity scene or a cheery holiday greeting, these murals are quick and easy to install and give you major bang for your decorating buck.

Put a Bow on Your Garage Door Holiday Decor Style

When you think of the holidays, you think of giving gifts, so turn your garage door into one gigantic colorful present. Use a brightly colored tarp for the base, taping the edges around the back side of the garage door, then add the ribbon in a crisscross pattern, securing it to the back of the door as well. Create a huge festive bow and attach it right in the middle of the door for the perfect finishing touch on your gift-wrapped garage door.

Personalize Your Decorations with Garage Door Magnets or Decals

If you want a quick and simple way to create a lovely holiday scene on your home, garage door magnets or decals may be the perfect fit. With a wide variety of holiday lettering products, characters and scenes available in most craft stores, you’re sure to find just the items you need to build a beautiful garage door holiday scene. From Santa to snowmen to religious figures and sentiments, magnets and decals allow you maximum versatility in your holiday garage door decorating.