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If you have an old, dilapidated garage on your property, tearing it down and installing a new garage adds a great deal of value and appeal to your property. Building a new garage where there was none also enhances your property’s functionality and value.

Three Ways a New Garage Adds Value to Your Property

Garages are an important part of a residential property. Not only do they protect your vehicle, but they also provide essential storage for the things you use on a regular basis. Consider these three major benefits of a new garage installation in Bakersfield.

Increased Safety

Leaving your car parked on the street or in the driveway invites criminals who might want to strip it of loose change, belongings or even the wheels and rims. When you have a new garage built with a sturdy door, your vehicle will be safer. You can also secure your other important belongings, such as your bicycle and tools, inside of the garage.

Cleaner and More Organized Property

If you had a garage in bad condition, your property may have looked disorganized and unkempt. A falling-down garage is a safety hazard and may trigger code enforcement violations. A teardown of the old garage makes it easier for you to keep your belongings organized. Your yard will also be cleaner because you will have a place to put everything. Your neighbors will appreciate the cleanliness of your yard.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

A teardown of a decaying garage provides an immediate boost in the curb appeal of your property. Installing a new garage, whether or not you had a garage before, also enhances your property’s aesthetic appeal. You can choose garage materials such as attractive wooden or faux-wood finish garage doors and fresh colors that complement the style of your home. Many home buyers prefer a home with a functional and attractive garage. By having a garage built, your land will have a higher property value. You may be able to recoup most of your investment of building a new garage when it comes time to sell.