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In theory, most garage doors are created equally and the choice of a good door set comes down to aesthetic factors like fit, finish, and color. The reality is that insulated garage doors boast a number of advantages that regular garage doors simply can’t compete with.

Two Very Compelling Reasons to Install Insulated Garage Doors

If you’re like the typical Bakersfield resident, the idea of opting for insulated garage doors may seem totally foreign. After all, why would you need to seal up a garage when the average low temperature in January is 40 degrees? The fact of the matter is that insulated garage doors can make a big difference in Central Valley homes for a few key reasons.

Superior Protection for Your Property

Insulated garage doors are designed from the ground up to keep outdoor contaminants away from interior spaces. Dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate on the tracks and rollers of non-insulated garage doors in surprising ways. More importantly, non-insulated doors allow gunk to build up on potentially pricey tools that are stored in garages. If you value your lawnmowers, weed trimmers, and hydraulic jacks, insulated doors are a good investment.

Improved Energy Efficiency and Lower Utility Bills

Most California homeowners try to create a controlled garage environment using various HVAC-based methods. Insulated garage doors make it easier to control temperature and humidity without racking up major energy expenses. Paired with top-notch weatherstripping and the right windows, insulated garage doors can make a big difference when your monthly electric bills are tabulated. If you need to air-condition a garage for whatever reason, insulated doors are an absolute must.

Getting the Job Done Right the First Time

While it’s certainly possible to install high-end insulated garage doors on your own, it’s definitely not recommended. If you want a garage installation in Bakersfield to go as planned without any major glitches, it’s best to defer to the wisdom of the experts. Long story short, insulated garage doors confer many benefits to homeowners for years to come if they’re installed the right way.