Keeping Kids Safe Near Garage Doors

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How to Keep Your Children Safe Near a Garage Door

Garage doors are often located next to driveways and sidewalks, which is where children are commonly found as they play and spend time outdoors. For homeowners, it’s necessary to practice safety with the use of the garage door to protect residents. If you want to have peace of mind knowing your kids are safe, there are a few tips on how to keep them protected as they spend time in the setting.

Keep the Remote Out of Reach

Kids who have access to the garage door remote can think it’s fun to open and close the garage door, which can result in injury or death. Make it a point to keep the remote out of reach and in an area that children can’t access. Consider storing it on top of a bookcase or in a locked desk to ensure that your kids won’t easily find it as they spend time in the home.

Perform Maintenance

Garage door maintenance is necessary to keep the feature operating well and reduce the risk of issues that can develop over time. You’ll need to inspect the rollers, track, and springs once each month to look for any issues or wear that has occurred. Hire a professional who can perform Bakersfield garage service to balance the door and test the sensors while performing the necessary repairs to avoid potential problems.

You can also update the garage door opener to ensure that it doesn’t suffer from technical issues.

Keep the Garage Door Shut

Make it a point always to keep the garage door shut to prevent the garage from becoming a playground for children. Limiting access to the garage will increase how safe the home is for kids and can allow parents to rest assured that their children are out of harm’s way. Preventing them from accessing the garage will keep them out of the pathway of the garage door.