garage door repair


Should you Repair or Replace the Garage Door?

Your garage door is having problems. That’s a fairly common occurrence, especially if the garage is older or during particularly harsh seasons. You might be tempted to buy a new one, but often you can repair the existing garage. This is much cheaper, and it ensures that your garage door lasts as long as possible while still functioning properly.

Door Feels Heavy or Isn’t Moving

These are two different problem, but with similar results. Sometimes you will notice that your door feels heavy if you try to lift it manually. You might think that it’s some catastrophic problem, but usually it’s just the springs. They might be broken or worn. A Bakersfield garage door repair technician can easily fix this problem.

If the door stopped moving gradually because it’s old, then you might need to replace it. If it stopped suddenly, then it can likely be repaired. You should first check the opener’s batteries. If that doesn’t fix the issue, then a repair person should be called as they can likely fix the door.

Damage to a Single Panel

If there is damage throughout the garage door, then it’d best to replace it. Damage that’s small and isolated to a single panel is easy to repair. It’s best to repair the panel quickly to ensure the damage doesn’t spread. Allowing the damage to sit can cause rust or corrosion.

If more than one panel is damaged, then you may want to consider the cost. It might still be cheaper to repair the garage, but the savings significantly reduce with advanced damage.

The Door is Sagging

Does it look like one side of the garage door is sagging? This might look scary and you may want to replace the door immediately, but this can usually be repaired fairly easily.

The problem is that the springs or tracks on one side have worn down, but not on the other side. This should be repaired quickly so that there isn’t too much strain on the door.