bakersfield garage door repair

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How to Tell If a Garage Door Issue Is Urgent

When you come home, you expect the garage door to elevate when you hit the button on your remote opener. After the button is pushed again, you expect the door to close flush with the ground. However, if these things don’t happen, it may signal a problem with your door. The same may be true if the paint is chipping or glass is broken. When do you know that it’s time to fix your garage door?

Cosmetic Damage Could Be Pest or Water Related

If you see paint that has been chipped away or wood that looks like it has been eaten away, it may be a sign that water or pest damage is occurring. Neither of those issues are ones that you want to let linger. Over time, pests may move from the garage to other parts of the house, and water may do the same. If left unchecked, you could have termite colonies or mold growing in every part of the house.

A Door That Closes Improperly Could Be a Security Hazard

If a garage door doesn’t close properly, it could be a security issue for yourself and the rest of your family. A door that opens or closes on its own could also be a safety issue for anyone who walks through it. This is because it could fall on a small child, the family pet or a visitor trying to deliver a package. If the door doesn’t sense that something is underneath it, you have a major problem that needs to be resolved immediately.

Fixing the Problem May Be Cheaper Than Letting it Linger

It may be best to work with a garage door repair Bakersfield company rather than letting a problem linger. Although it may cost money to fix, the prospect of letting pests or mold spread the home could be significantly more expensive. Liability lawsuits may also prove to be expensive if someone is hurt because the door doesn’t close properly.