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Three Reasons Why the Garage Door Could Be Malfunctioning

Garage door openers made in the past 20 years typically have a laser that is contained within a plastic housing. If any part of the laser, including its photo eye, the housing or brackets are damaged, the door will not open or close. If you notice problems with the photo eye of the garage door opener, it is best to contact a professional for prompt Bakersfield garage door repair services.

Broken Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket attaches directly to or near the garage door tracks. The bracket is made of steel; it may rust or corrode, or the fasteners may also become loose or rusted. Broken mounting brackets should be replaced by a garage door repair technician. This is typically a simple repair that does not take a lot of time.

Cracked Plastic Housing

The laser and its photo eye are contained within a plastic housing unit. Exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures may cause the housing of the laser and its photo eye lens cover to crack. The cracking may cause the laser to stop working. This would lead to your garage door not opening or closing when you trigger the opener with the remote or wall unit.

Obstruction Over the Eye

The photo eye may also have an obstruction in place. Clouding of the lens could be caused by dust, dirt or moisture. A cobweb, leaf or other debris could get caught around the lens of the photo eye. Shifting of the items that are stored in your garage could also obstruct the path of the laser, causing the garage door not to open. If you have tried moving things out of the way and your garage door still won’t open, call a professional for help.