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Benefits of Maintaining the Garage Door When Hurricanes Occur

The summer season is often known for having high temperatures and heat waves. It can also be a time when hurricanes arrive at times. If you want to protect your home’s garage door from damage during a storm, there are a few important steps to take as a homeowner to reduce the risk of damage.

Brace the Garage Door

It’s essential that you brace the garage door to prevent damage because the feature can be vulnerable when high winds occur. Most garage doors are not reinforced and need to be secured to prevent them from buckling when a high amount of pressure is applied to the structure. There are many different kits available at local home improvement stores to keep the garage door stable during a storm.

You may also want to call a local professional to perform garage door repairs in Visalia if any areas of the door are damaged or worn down to strengthen the product before extreme weather arrives.

Purchase a New Garage Door

If you’re confident that your existing garage door can hold up during a hurricane, you may want to consider installing a new door and materials. Your current garage door may not comply with current building codes and has several weaknesses that can lead to it becoming permanently damaged in extreme weather. Although it’s necessary to purchase a stronger garage door, you’ll want to look for a product that has a mounting area and track that are strengthened. Look for a door that has heavy-duty hinges, tracks, rollers, and springs.

Unplug the Garage Door

Many homeowners forget to unplug the garage door opener once it’s closed and locked before a hurricane is expected to arrive. Unplugging the garage door will prevent accidentally trying to open the door when it’s locked and not in use. Unplugging the garage door opener will also prevent any power surge in the middle of a hurricane to prevent damage from occurring.