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Manual Garage Doors Versus Automatic Ones

A garage door does more than just keep your car and belongings safe; it’s also used to work on various hobbies, workout, or simply act as a second or third entrance into your home. Thus, it is important to keep in mind the type of garage door you choose in use. Some homeowners say that the automatic is the future and thus should be embraced while others like to keep it traditional with a manual. Here are some of the pros and cons of both these types of garage doors.

Automatic vs. Manual Maintenance

For many, maintenance is a big part of their decision-making process. This is because homeowners have enough to worry about within the rest of the home that a garage door isn’t in their maintenance checklist. An automatic garage door is obviously more complex due to its various electrical parts and can show wear and tear a little faster than their manual counterpart. These machines are often so complex that you may need to call a garage door repair Bakersfield company in order to get it properly fixed.


Simply put, automatic doors are way more convenient than manual ones. Say you are driving home and it begins to rain, with an automatic garage door you are easily able to open it up and avoid having to get wet.


When it comes to safety, automatic garage doors take the win. This new technology allows these doors to know when objects are in their way. This is especially important if you have small children. So, you’re probably wondering about what happens during a power outage. Fortunately, most automatic doors have a locking and unlocking mechanism which provides you with a way to get out of the home in the case of an emergency.