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Four Ways to Increase Garage Door Security

It’s not unusual for break-ins to be the cause of Visalia garage door repair calls. Would-be burglars love easy pickings, such as wide-open garage doors, but professional thieves know that even closed garage doors are often easy to compromise and provide access to valuable equipment. With that in mind, there are at least four ways to enhance your garage door security.

Never Leave the Doors Open

This is the biggie, and most garage-door-related thefts happen because doors were left wide open. That makes it easy for the casual thief to dart in, grab something valuable and dash off before anyone is the wiser. Modern opener systems have an automatic feature so that it automatically closes behind you when you leave and when you pull into the garage.

Don’t Leave Your Remote in the Car

Another common way thieves gain access to garages is the remote being in the car and the car doors unlocked. Even if the doors are locked, access isn’t that difficult. Many people want to leave their remotes attached to their visors, but this is a mistake. In fact, you should consider moving away from a dedicate garage door opener remote and using an app on your smartphone instead.

Use Motion-Activated Illumination

Install lighting at all entry points to your garage. This is a good step for the safety of your family as well. But it is also an excellent deterrent. Lighting that suddenly activates as someone snoops around your garage is more often than not going to drive that person away.

Extend Your Home Security

The biggest mistake you can make with home security is not having a sensor on the door that leads from the garage into the home. You should also consider sensors on roll-up garage doors and the traditional door, and if you have a surveillance system, then tie those systems together.