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3 Tips for Protecting Your Garage Door

Like any part of your home, you want your garage door to be safe, sturdy, and reliable for as long as it could possibly be. Outside of some rare exceptions however, keeping something in good condition means making an active effort to do as such. Garage doors are no different, so here are three valuable tips for protecting yours as you use it.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

The quickest way to protect your garage door is by having it inspected every year or so. Whether it’s by a professional or yourself, looking for any common problems or signs that something might be close to breaking prevents a disaster before it happens. In most cases, a garage door inspection shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete and serve a vital function in preserving your garage door for years to come, so there’s no excuse for slacking off. They’re also much cheaper than Bakersfield garage door repairs, which are what you’ll be paying more for without these inspections.


Paint doesn’t just make things look good; it provides a vital means of protecting what’s been painted against wear and tear. Repainting your garage door is a good way to both shield it from rain, hail, or other natural calamities and make things look fresh and nice. If your paint is looking chipped, faded, worn, or otherwise gross, that might be a good sign you should undertake some garage door maintenance and bust out the brushes. Just remember to wash it off beforehand.

Ground Any Loose Wiring

If you’ve undertaken any garage repair or have moved into a home that’s done so, you should be careful about reaching around near the garage door’s motor and electronics. Often, inexperienced workers can leave loose or exposed wires ungrounded, setting you up for a painful shock if you’re unlucky. Grounding any wires or otherwise ensuring the electronic components of your garage door setup are safe is fundamental for both your health and the health of your doors.