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More Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Garage

The garage is used frequently by residents as a place to keep pets while they’re out, which can offer a high level of convenience. Unfortunately, it can also lead to injuries and accidents with pets that are present on the property due to the mechanisms of the door and items stored in the space. If you want to keep your pets safe while using the garage, there are a few steps to take as both a pet and a homeowner.

Keep the Garage Free of Harmful Chemicals

There are several household chemicals that many people have in their garages that can be harmful to your furry friends. Some of these items include antifreeze, paints, pesticides, motor oil, and automobile waxes. If you have to store these items in the garage, keep your pet safe by putting them in a secure, locked container.

Install a Pet Safe Door

Consider installing a pet door that allows your dog or cat to have access to the outside without having to keep the garage door cracked open. Keeping the garage door cracked can put excess pressure on the springs, which can cause them to wear down quickly. A pet door can be installed on a side door or even on the garage door, which will prove to be safer than keeping the door open.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Garage doors require attention and care consistently to ensure that they continue to operate well and don’t need as many repairs over time. Preventative maintenance should be scheduled at least once or twice each year to ensure all of the parts are working correctly and to perform any necessary repairs with issues that are discovered during visual inspections. Proper maintenance will allow the feature to operate more effectively and can reduce the risk of accidents involving your pet. If your garage door does break, seek garage door repairs in Visalia to fix the problem quickly.