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Converting to a Multi-Panel Garage Door

Single-panel garage doors have been the go-to type of garage door for most residential homes. Although the practice became popular within the business sector, the convenience was simply too attractive for people to avoid. However, due to innovations in technology, homeowners now have other options at their disposal. One of the most common includes multi-panel garage doors. You may still be on the fence regarding this change, and therefore the following includes a few reasons as to why going for sectional doors may be a better option.

Multi-panel Garage Doors Are Safer

One of the most dangerous parts of a traditional door are the tension springs. These springs hold up and control the door as it goes up and down. However, when they suddenly snap, they can cause serious injury to a person. Multi-panel garage doors today have a variety of safety features that provide further protection against dangerous components. Note that if you’re going to be installing your new multi-panel door, then it is recommended to have a garage door repair Bakersfield company come and remove the tension springs as they can be extremely dangerous to handle.

Easier to Repair

Although single-panel doors are much easier and cheaper to install, they are much more likely to cost you more in the long-run. This is often due to you or other people bumping and leaving dents on your garage door. Dents usually require the entire door to be replaced and thus costing you a pretty penny. Multi-panel doors provide you with the convenience of only needing to have the damaged panel replaced rather than the whole door.

Provides More Room

Because single-panel garage doors need a lot of space above the garage to function, they will often greatly reduce the amount of space you have left. This can be a problem for homeowners who want to store large trucks or who have a short driveway.